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Our commitment to continuous improvement and customer care is recognized through the certification of our Quality Management systems. The company’s Quality Management system performance is monitored and continuously improved by our Quality Manager, who integrates internal auditing of all our management systems into one program.

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Acme lifts Services, offer Vehicle lift servicing, maintenance and inspections. We cover all types of car lifts services. We have Car lift engineers that look after all kinds of Car Lift repairs and breakdowns.




Our professional, highly-trained lift service engineers, with top-class facilities and resources, allow us to plan and service all elevator maintenance contracts to the highest level. All Acme lifts maintenance and repair resources have been developed with our clients and their building occupants in mind. At Acme Lifts we understand it is crucial to provide maintenance services tailored specifically to our clients building demands that is why we are pleased to offer you a flexible service.




Our specialist services include; design, installation, maintenance, repair, refurbishment and upgrades of Hydraulic Lifts. We also provide a consultative and advisory service to help with project specification and hydraulic technology.




  1. Passenger elevator of 4 to 29-person capacity, 0.5 to 6.5 mps speed
  2. Observation elevators (also referred to as capsules / Scenic / panoramic) of 8 to 20-person capacity, 1.0 to2.5 MPS speed
  3. Goods or freight elevators of 500 to 5000 KG capacity, up to 0.75 MPS speed.
  4. Hospital bed or stretcher elevators of 15 to 26 person capacity, up to 1.5 MPS speed
  5. Automobiles elevators (traction) of 2500 to 5000 kg capacity, 0.3 to 0.75 MPS speed
  6. Automobile elevators (traction) of 2500 to 5000 kg capacity, 0.3 to 0.75 MPS speed



❖ Gearless PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor)

❖ conventional geared traction

❖ MRL (machine room less) gearless PSMS


Both gear as well as gearless machines are designed to easy installation.



❖ center opening automatic VVF, of 2 panels for passenger elevator, 4 panels for good elevator and 6 panels for automobile elevators

❖ telescopic (side opening) automatic VVVF, 2 and 3 panel options

❖ semi auto-telescopic auto in car and sewing door in landings

❖ manual collapsible in car, imperforated or swing doors in landings

❖ door in SS with a range of finish options an in MS with standard painting and powder coating options.

Key Features of control

Advance micro controller based control system with serial communication, using nanotechnology to minimize wiring and mechanical parts, enhance reliability and keep down time to a minimum

1 Programmable micro controller with on board facility to meet customization needs and for easy trouble shooting

  1. Multiple micro controllers interlinked onRS-458 network, with LED display for monitoring the system and locating fault immediately
  2. Watch dog self-diagnostic to detect hang-ups and reset the controller automatically
  3. Low voltage SMPS powered in rush current protection
  4. Low hardware use and high isolation to make system compact and durable
  5. Group operations of up to four elevators
  6. Advance car arrival information system
  7. High traffic handling capacity
  8. Detection of stuck hall buttons
  9. Home landing facility

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